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recovery on

recovery on

exfoliating 10% glycolic acid (great for dry & flaky scalp too!)

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ka-ching! that’s the sound we’ll get in the office after you read all about glycolic acid.

one of the most effective and widely used AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids, a type of exfoliators), glycolic acid is found naturally in plants and fruits, like sugar cane, pineapples and grapes. when used in skincare, it works wonders at treating blackheads, blemishes and uneven complexions, all while smoothing and softening your skin.

and how does it work? I hear you say.

well glycolic acid works by dissolving the glue that holds together your dead skin cells. so it lifts the pigment from your skin and increases collagen production, without tearing your skin apart, like an aggressive scrub or exfoliating brush.

if your skin is on the sensitive side, start by using it twice a week. at first, glycolic acid may accelerate whatever pimples and other skin conditions were already working under the surface of your skin and quicken their appearance on the surface by speeding up the entire cycle dramatically. please do not be alarmed. this is completely normal and part of the process. just like you'd breakout if you went for your first facial, you know? you shouldn’t be afraid of purging as it’s not your body rejecting or having a bad reaction to the booster, it's just accelerating what’s already happening to eventually clear it.

and since we love a versatile product here, if you’ve got a dry scalp, apply it on your hair before your shower. Let it do its magic for 10-15 min before rinsing and proceeding with your usual shampoo and conditioner. It will feel tingly, but your scalp will be clearer and not sore at all.

want to know more?

we added chamomile to soothe the effect of glycolic acid. so make a point of using it regularly to actually see results. use recovery on at night to avoid light sensitivity. mix with serums, creams or masks, and apply to face and neck. or, apply 2-3 drops directly to your skin.

ps. the colour is from mixing glycolic acid with butterfly pea flower


chamomile water, butterfly pea flower, glycolic acid, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, natural preservative (*salicylic acid, *sorbic acid, *benzyl alcohol).

how to use

our boosters are like supplements for your skin. you can add them to your daily regimen as standalone products or mix them with other products to improve their performance.

use recovery on at night to avoid light sensitivity. mix with serums, creams or masks, and apply to face and neck. or, apply 2-3 drops directly to your skin.

you can also apply to your hair to exfoliate your scalp and get rid of dandruff. it will also help retain moisture and prevent your hair from breaking.

note: you might get slightly red the first time you use it. not to worry, your skin’s just getting used to glycolic acid. these effects fade after several uses. for optimal results, we recommend to use it consistently for four weeks.


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where and how it's made

all our products are hand-made in small batches in our HQ in Banbury, Oxfordshire 🇬🇧 that means your skin & body get the bestest freshest stuff, just like if you're getting fresh fruit & veg from the farmer's market 😉 click here to learn more about our formulation process.

we only use recycled, recyclable, or compostable material. all our containers are glass and we use biodegradable peanuts to pack our orders so we avoid any accidents in transit. click here to learn more about our environmental impact.

suitable for vegetarians and vegans. cruelty-free, never tested on animals, all natural stuff. we use as few ingredients as possible.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jonathan Sammons
age range: 35 - 50
skin tone: pale
skin type: acne-prone, combination, dry
This exfoliating booster is great at night times

I use this face exfoliating serum every night and my face frown is slowly going.

Abigail Ali
age range: 25 - 34
skin tone: pale
skin type: oily
Love it

I love it, I actually ordered for my friend and had got her the wrong thing, kept it myself, thought it be rude not too, love it

age range: 18 - 24
skin tone: black
skin type: acne-prone, sensitive, dry
holy grail

literally can’t live without this! Absolutely essential for exfoliating the skin thoroughly without being abrasive and it also gives u a beautiful radiance

age range: 18 - 24
skin tone: pale
skin type: combination
Recovery On

Amazing product to use leaving your skin hydrated, fresh and also minimises your blackheads and spots.

Fiona N
age range: 25 - 34
skin tone: pale
skin type: acne-prone
A literal miracle…

This stuff has changed my life. I was so sad about my skin (it was like a teenage boy’s and hadn’t been so bad since I went on roaccutane at 19). I had huge throbbing spots and loads of millia all over my cheeks. Combined with permanent hair loss from radiotherapy I just felt so ugly. I was desperate and saw the Made By Sunday ghosted acne prone kit and just thought sod it - I’d never heard of them but now I tell everyone about them. I’ve been using this every other night for about 3 weeks now and the difference is insane. See pics for before and vid for after!