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light up

light up

brightening vitamin C booster

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the light up booster is a modern-day miracle worker.

here’s the deal: we wanted to bring a vitamin C packed booster to mix with your favourite creams and serums, to skyrocket their effects.

but after doing more research on ascorbic acid in its dissolvable form for skincare, the fancy word for vitamin C, it turns out the oxidation of ascorbic acid is the same oxidation that turns copper green, apples brown, and metal to rust.

and just like you don't want to eat brown apples, you don't want oxidized vitamin C in your products, or on your skin. plus we don’t want to sell an ingredient that we know doesn’t work after two weeks (and yes, other people do!).

the alternative? sea buckthorn, the key ingredient in our super packed vitamin C booster.

want to know more?

I read a fancy paper saying that sea buckthorn is the richest source of vitamin C, with ascorbic acid content of up to 2500 mg%. that’s like, a lot.

so if you’re looking for a vitamin C booster that, I don’t know, really works, then light up is your man. packed with anti-oxidants, light up will help your skin look refreshed and lit (I had to go for the cheesy pun).


phytosqualane (olive squalane), sea buckthorn.

how to use

our boosters are like supplements for your skin. you can add them to your daily regimen as standalone products or mix them with other products to improve their performance. use light up anytime of day. mix with serums, creams or masks, and apply to face and neck. or, apply 2-3 drops directly to your skin.

allow to absorb 2-3 min before applying makeup.


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we offer a full refund within 15 days of delivery. products must be purchased through our online store, and be in new condition and sealed.
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where and how it's made

all our products are hand-made in small batches in our HQ in Banbury, Oxfordshire 🇬🇧 that means your skin & body get the bestest freshest stuff, just like if you're getting fresh fruit & veg from the farmer's market 😉 click here to learn more about our formulation process.

we only use recycled, recyclable, or compostable material. all our containers are glass and we use biodegradable peanuts to pack our orders so we avoid any accidents in transit. click here to learn more about our environmental impact.

suitable for vegetarians and vegans. cruelty-free, never tested on animals, all natural stuff. we use as few ingredients as possible.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Joanne Beasley
age range: 50+
skin tone: tanned
skin type: mature
Glow in a bottle

Have been using this for over 2 weeks and love this serum Goes onto my skin lovely and I can see my skin is glowing !! Will buy again !!

Alison P
age range: 35 - 50
skin tone: pale
skin type: mature, dry

I have been using these products for around a month now.
I started due to excellent reviews. I suffer with sun damage spots and had 3 - 4 on the tip right side of my forehead. Since using this product my sun damage spits have disappeared!!! I am over the moon thank you so much.
I'm gutted I don't have a before picture however have added an after x

Emma Chearman
age range: 35 - 50
skin tone: pale
skin type: sensitive, dry

Love this serum, it’s light and although it feels like an oil it sits comfortably under my moisturizer and SPF. Leaves an instant glow and has fed my skin to glow on it’s own. Highly recommend.

age range: under 18
skin tone: light pale
skin type: sensitive, dry, chronic skin conditions (rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, etc...)
Vitamin C Booster

A excellent product which has helped my skin and it looks and feels much better. This oil definitely has helped my sensitive skin and the redness. I would definitely recommend it to family and friends.
A great buy and well worth it.

Abby Thomas
age range: 25 - 34
skin tone: pale
skin type: acne-prone, chronic skin conditions (rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, etc...)
Best Vit C!

Never had any luck with vitamin C serums, my skin always flared up trying to use them, until now! I was drawn to this vitamin C serum after seeing the ingredient list was so small and yet so mighty, only what you actually need in this bottle! My skin loves this and has that all day glow after applying! Love love love!