we don't just sell skincare, we give away considerable amounts of our souls here at madebySUNDAY. we've always tried to be a very irreverent, intelligent, intuitive brand, and we want our people to embody that. 

check our LinkedIn Page for current job openings. if you're based in Banbury, we're always looking for warehouse operatives and product makers as we're constantly growing and needing more help. reach out to and we'll take it from there.


madebySUNDAY is opening its first retail location in Banbury's new Lock29 shopping location. The ideal candidate will be excited by the prospect of being our first retail store manager and will thrive in having a direct impact on shaping the future of our retail experience. Candidates should be entrepreneurial minded and the ability to be autonomous with a keen interest in both skincare and start ups.

Candidates will have an ability to set and manage the daily operations of the retail store and complete tasks related to inventory tracking, marketing and customer service. They should be a confident salesperson and be able to share their best practices in order to onboard new employees. Candidates should also possess strong leadership skills and be able to assign duties to relevant employees in order to maintain the function of the store. 


  • Manage daily operations of business and ensure sales goals are met
  • Direct employees in daily operations such as serving customers, inventory taking, reconciling cash and managing in store marketing
  • Assigns duties to relevant employees
  • Conduct hiring and onboarding of new employees
  • Ensure adherence to health and safety regulations
  • Work closely with HQ/warehouse to manage inventory at store


  • 2+ years of retail and retail management experience
  • Demonstrated ability to train employees and be an effective salesperson
  • Strong customer service, management and communication skills




madebySUNDAY is hiring part-time writers to join our burgeoning team, executing sharp, original commentary on the biggest talking points of the moment.

we expect you to pitch your own ideas and take editor assignments, stay up-to-date on the latest conversations, studies and trends and have a reliable network of sources to call up when needed. (web-reporting experience preferred: you should have a knack for finding unusual people and getting them to talk).

we’re looking for someone with a unique voice and perspective. someone who’s creative, curious, thoughtful and enthusiastic. someone who’s honest, humble, transparent and unafraid to show some vulnerability and an openness to being wrong. someone who has the smartest take on all the silly stuff, and vice versa. someone with a strong attention to detail.

you don’t need to be based in London, Banbury or the UK. in fact, it’s better if you’re not.

about the SUNDAY X:

the SUNDAY X is a lifestyle and culture publication by madebySUNDAY. we talk about serious stuff that we intend to come across the exact opposite way — approachable, resonant, irreverent and entertaining.

what you will do:

  • write about current affairs, politics, business and finance, beauty, skincare culture, mental health, anything you are passionate about and want the world to hear about.
  • show your research (statistics, quotes, anything to back up what you’re saying)
  • write a pitch (200 words approx.) of your idea
  • interview madebySUNDAY's community members
  • pitch new story ideas to madebySUNDAY's editor and source new stories
  • provide multimedia assets to accompany stories, including illustrative figures or videos when appropriate

    we’re interested in stories on:

    • style, beauty and self-care (all genders)
    • mental and physical health
    • food, drink, drugs and other vices
    • race & gender
    • jobs, money, work and office culture
    • observations on the weird, sad and interesting shit life brings our way


      • Experience at a publication is not essential but is a plus
      • Excellent punctuation/ grammar
      • Work to a deadline
      • Be able to take constructive criticism and open to editing your work if needed

        about madebySUNDAY:

        madebySUNDAY is a more approachable, inclusive, and fun take on beauty + wellness. 

        we’re a small and mighty team making skincare and wellness easier while making an impact. our team iterates fast, works hard and has aggressive goals. We’re a very irreverent, intelligent, and intuitive brand. madebySUNDAY is growing rapidly and looking to hire driven, humble leaders. we have a highly engaged and passionate customer base with sustainable month over month growth.

        our style is entrepreneurial and dynamic - every member of the team is given a lot of autonomy and responsibility.

        our core values:

        • growth mindset - we value lifelong learning. we continue to grow through dedication and hard work. we prioritise speed and perseverance to achieve the impossible.

        • deep gratitude - all relationships are looked at as long term relationships. at madebySUNDAY we are grateful to be included on others’ journey’s - whether it be customers, partners, retailers or our teammates. we show deep gratitude and optimise for trust.

        • extreme ownership - every team member has deep accountability. all problems are opportunities in disguise.

        • diversity DNA - get to know your teammates, learn from their life experiences and celebrate their differences. inclusion and diversity aren't just some marketing ruse, it's who we are at our core. we have a 0 tolerance policy for racism or intolerance.

        • no ego - we focus on our mission and work egolessly. give more credit than you take!

        if this sounds like you, email careers with the subject I WANT THE WRITER GIG. please include:

        • résumé
        • recent writing samples
        • a note explaining who you are, what you love to write and how you’d add something unique to our coverage
        • two evergreen pitches (headlines and descriptions) and two news-based pitches to give us a sense of your original approach to current events