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basic b*tch

basic b*tch

hydrating & plumping 3% triple hyaluronic acid + 2% vitamin B5

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basic b*tches have been getting a bad rep lately, and you know what? haters are missing out because being basic, can basically be, the best thing ever.

just like pumpkin spice lattes, #throwbackthursday, and Ryan Reynolds, hyaluronic acid is popular.

but you know us, when are we ever basic? *insert devil face*

our basic b*tch serum is made with 3% pure hyaluronic acid + 2% B5 to give you a major boost of hydration. it’s also free of potential irritants (like synthetic fragrance and dyes) making it totally safe for allergic, hyper-sensitive skin.

we also use three sizes of hyaluronic acid, which isn't often found in retail. this delivers both instant and long-lasting effects, providing instant smoothing and firming effects but also rehydrating cells over time.

like AJ our shop manager says, "this feels expensive". just ask our accountant Harriet, she's not happy with our retail price. apparently, a formula with this many different molecular weights and intensity would start at £89...

want to know more?

more deets on this? sure.

as skin ages, it becomes thirsty and dry since its ability to retain water drops. them fine lines be poppin’. collagen is mainly made of water and this is the stuff that keeps your skin looking youthful. so when you apply hyaluronic acid, it re-hydrates your skin, leaving it plump and free of wrinkles.

the other non basic part is that we added pro vitamin B5. this little guy is a humectant that attracts moisture and holds water in the skin, allowing the skin to produce moisture and hydrate from within. it’s also anti-inflammatory and helps with redness and irritation from environmental stimuli. double trouble I say.


aqua, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, panthenol (vitamin B5), natural preservative (benzyl alcohol*, salicylic acid*, sorbic acid*).

* certified organic ingredient

how to use

use twice a day (in the morning and evening) to help plump and soften skin. layer it under a moisturiser and/or face oil. you can also use it as a booster to practically all our other products.

if you’ve got any leftovers, don’t wash it off. use it on your hair or your nails. if your hair splits at the end or occasionally have cracked nails, this is going to help 😉


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where and how it's made

all our products are hand-made in small batches in our HQ in Banbury, Oxfordshire 🇬🇧 that means your skin & body get the bestest freshest stuff, just like if you're getting fresh fruit & veg from the farmer's market 😉 click here to learn more about our formulation process.

we only use recycled, recyclable, or compostable material. all our containers are glass and we use biodegradable peanuts to pack our orders so we avoid any accidents in transit. click here to learn more about our environmental impact.

suitable for vegetarians and vegans. cruelty-free, never tested on animals, all natural stuff. we use as few ingredients as possible.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
age range: 35 - 50
skin tone: brown
skin type: acne-prone, sensitive, combination, dry
Genuinely magic in a bottle

I didn’t even know what hydration was until I started using this baby. My gosh, what an absolute game changer. It’s so hydrating, it plumps up your fine lines and makes your cheeks pillowy soft without stickiness. I use it morning and night to really hydrate from within. Genuinely - and I don’t say this often - the products from Made by Sunday are just amazing. I don’t think I will ever be without a bottle of this, or the vitamin c serum, or the boss oil, ever again in my life. You can literally feel how good the quality of the ingredients are on your skin. Thank you!

Lois-Amber Toole
age range: 25 - 34
skin tone: tanned
skin type: sensitive, combination
🧚🏼‍♀️I am glowing angel princess🧚🏼‍♀️

I’m a bit funny when it comes to hyaluronic acid, because sometimes the texture can cause my other products (moisturisers, suncream) to peel or my makeup won’t sit nicely on top. This is THE ONE. The formula glides onto skin, it isn’t sticky or tacky - just smooth. My skin feels instantly hydrated and has improved my pigmentation and texture. Love applying “not a one night stand” before for the ultimate night routine! The only downside is the name basic bitch, whenever I see it I fight so so hard not to be basic with my little iced coffees, but this really is the basic staple you need in your life soooo?? Let the basic bitches live on!

Nilsa Foster
age range: 50+
skin tone: tanned
skin type: mature, dry
Basic bitch is anything but basic

I love this stuff my skin feels great since I’ve been using it. I’ve used a few different brands but this is definitely my favourite by far

Paulo Simões
age range: 35 - 50
skin tone: pale
skin type: combination
basic b*tch Hialuronyc Acid

This has been helping my skin to look much healthier only just after 1 week.
I tried similar products before but they are so expensive and sometimes i did not notice any change.
Also the madebysunday team is very nice and they really care about the customer. Thank you :-)
Paulo Simões (Portugal)

Kirsty Cunningham
age range: 35 - 50
skin tone: pale
skin type: oily
Basic b*tch

Seems to be a good serum, only been using it 2 weeks, would say my skin tone is more even